Seeing Feelingly and Accessibility

Seeing Feelingly is based on the work of autistic self-advocates and neurodivergent people who have devised ways of reaching their audiences remotely in ways we are only beginning to appreciate as we live through COVID-19. Because our work is so indebted to the work of the neurodiverse community, it is only right that we make our videos, images, and website as accessible as possible. On each page of this website, an accessibility widget is offered so that people can interact with the website in ways that provide the most access. Also, every image on the website is fitted with alt text and an image description, while all links are shared using descriptive hyperlinks and not raw URLs.

For more information on how Seeing Feelingly makes transcripts, captions, and image descriptions for all video and image content, please watch this video. A transcript of the video is available for download.

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