Engaging with Seeing Feelingly During COVID-19 (Part 3)

In this last video of this blog series on keeping up with the Seeing Feelingly community while social distancing, I demonstrate how Instagram's story feature can be used to share your experiences with texts with others. The benefit of using Instagram story to share Seeing Feelingly bookmarks is that you don't need to find an online version of the text to share it, just simply take a picture of the book you are holding. Also, we highly encourage you to tag @seeingfeelingly on your Instagram story to keep connected with the Seeing Feelingly community. And we just might feature your bookmark on our website and Instagram page.

Thank you for visiting our blog on staying engaged with Seeing Feelingly during COVID-19. I hope that you all continue to stay safe and healthy during this very difficult time and that our shared love of literature can be a source of comfort as we try to get through this time of uncertainty and fear. Do reach out by commenting if you know of any other cool tech tools to bring us closer together in our time apart. Thank you!

A PDF transcript is available for download.

Please note that I am not promoting any product or service in this video, and any copyrighted material has been used for educational purposes only.

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