1. Share your experience

Find a passage of a book that you love and respond to this prompt: "what do you see/feel/hear in your mind when reading this text?" We find that a passage that really stirs up your emotions works best. Click here for examples of how others have represented their experiences with their favorite texts. If you'd like to draw your experience directly on the bookmark, proceed to step 3. Once you've finished making your experience, upload it to Google Drive and generate a shareable link to your artwork. Make sure you set the security on your link to "anyone with the link can view". Go to step 2.

2. Create a QR Code

After you have generated your link, copy and paste it into the QR code generator (embedded below) after selecting "URL". Save your QR code as a PNG file and get ready to insert it into your bookmark. PDF of instructions available for download here.

3. Pick a Bookmark

Download your bookmark and edit it on Powerpoint. If you have a QR code insert it as an image on the template. Follow the other instructions on the bookmark template, download the bookmark as a PDF, and print your bookmark out double-sided (flipped on long-edge). Print out more than one copy so you can share your experience with more people.

4. Leave your mark

How do you see it feelingly? Go and leave your bookmark in copies of your book wherever you can find one. We recommend leaving it in library books or copies of your favorite book in bookstores so that other people can find it.