Example Experiences

Follow the list to see examples of different experiences made using different, easy-to-use web tools.

1. Draw directly on the bookmark

Perhaps you see something in your mind when you read. Share this experience with others by drawing directly on one of our bookmarks.

But what if I can't draw?

There are easy graphic design apps that you can use right away, complete with free-to-use images available to help animate your experience. Try out Canva and Piktochart for starters.

Example one

Made with Canva. A witch pops out from behind a cauldron. A bat flies by. The words "double double toil and trouble flash" above the witch. This is a quote from Macbeth.

Photo Credits: Nick DeMayo

2. Add some music

Not all experiences with text can be easily drawn. Maybe reading a passage of your favorite book brings a song or some other sound to mind. We recommend finding your sounds with free sites like Soundcloud and laying it over the text with Soundcite by Knight Lab.

3. Tell your story

Or, maybe how you experience a book reminds you of a time something happened. We want you to share that story, and we recommend simple and free-to-use video making software such as Lumen5 or another tool by Knight Lab called Juxtapose.

Example 2

Made with Soundcite. A soundclip of howling wind plays over the text of King Lear: "Blow winds and crack your cheeks!"

Photo Credits: Nick DeMayo

Example 3

Made with Juxtapose. An image of two roads appears, and a slider moves you to a second image of beautiful tree-lined road in the fall. Above, a quote from Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken": "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood...and that made all the difference."

4. Get creative

With a bookmark, there is unlimited potential for creative responses to your favorite books. Some have even written poetry or made photo essays inspired by a work of literature.

Example 4

An illustration of a yellow sun shines in the background with clouds barely covering the bottom of the image. In the foreground a poem is written: "Somewhere a wish was rising, / Perhaps from between my laughing lips. / why stop turning and turning / when right can be found with everything." The poem is attributed to Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay.